Dyk omkring Nusa Penida er fantastisk og bestemt et besøg værd. Det ligger 1 1/2 time fra resortet med bil til Padang Bay, også derfra en time med båd til Nusa Penida. Idealt som en dagstur, hvor du både ser skøn natur fra klipperne og 2 til 3 dyk.

Nusa Penida - Manta Point

Manta Point
One of the most popular diving spots around Bali is Manta Point.  Where numerous manta rays pass by all year round to enjoy the large cleaning station.  The dive is located along the cliffs around Nusa Penida.  By boat one hour boat trip from Padang Bay, you are there.  It is an easy and shallow dive that can be dived by all divers.  There is also the opportunity to snorkel with manta rays if the weather conditions are right.  Depth 10 to 25 metres, around the cleaning station 15 metres.  Can be dived by beginners to experienced divers.  Visibility: 5 to 20 meters depending on weather conditions.

Nusa Penida - Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay
This is also a boat dive from Padang Bai about 1 hour.  Crystal Bay is known for its beautiful corals, and fantastic animal life, and also its current conditions which mean that the possibility of seeing Mola Mola around the 30 meters is good, however this is a good thing that requires experience and that you have your AOWD,  as current conditions can be difficult.  The opportunity to see everything from sea snakes to turtles and reef sharks is good here and the beautiful coral landscape is definitely worth a visit in itself.  The depth is from 8 to 40 + meters.  Visibility 10 to 30 meters depending on weather conditions.


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